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Agreement to Terms:


-By submitting payment you’re lawfully binding contract, agreeing to all terms below.

-Tours to Bethlehem & Jericho are guided by Palestinian guides.
-Tours to Jordan are guided by Jordanian guides.
Petra Border Tax & Visa Fee:

-Per person $65 crossing fee + $60 visa = $125 total fee. (subject to changes of the Jordanian authorities)

-This is not a tour charge, this is a tax paid directly to Jordanian authorities.
-Tzur Tours shall not be held responsible for policies, fees, taxes, security checks, or other protocols of the Israel or Jordanian governments.
Mobility Issues:

-Group tours involve substance walking, stairs, move at a quick pace, and are not suitable for individuals with any mobility limitation.

Special needs: wheelchairs, baby chairs, carriages require advanced notification.

Daily tours aren’t fitting for kids below the age of  four

Food Allergies:
-Clients hold 100% full responsibility for any & all food or drink they consume and maintaining their own health at all times.
Legal Disclosure:

-Tzur Tours operates as an agent for independent suppliers providing hotel accommodations, buses, food, and other tour services in Israel.

This agency, therefore, shall not be liable to actions or omissions on a part of such third party suppliers that end in any loss, damage, or delay to your party.


Luggage & Handling:
-Tzur Tours accepts no responsibility for items lost, stolen, damaged, or left on vehicles.
-Group tour participants are allowed one piece of luggage + one personal item.
Tipping Recommendations:

-Suggested tipping for guides on personal tours is suggested at $50-100 per tour day.

Tzur tours has the right to makeshift locations or make other important changes to the itinerary, including cancellation, due to Force Majeure, weather conditions, operational considerations, or imposed security limitations.
– Tours are conducted in various sizes of tourism buses, vans and vehicles.
– Rates do not include the client’s meals, food, and beverages unless otherwise specified in the programs.
– Private tours, Semi-private tours – entrance fees not included unless stated otherwise.
-All daily tours are conducted in English.

-During the tour, drivers won’t wait for late passengers more than 20 minutes


Ordering & Cancellation Policy
To Book Your Tour:
-Group tours require a $300 per person deposit at the time of registration.
-Private tour deposit amounts will be presented in your tour package quotation.
-Final payments for all tours is due 45 days in advance of touring.
Group Tours Cancellation:
-Tour booking deposits are non-refundable.
-In group tours, Clients who cancel within 30 days of touring are penalized their full tour cost.
-Tzur Tours will cancel clients bookings 30 days in advance for non-payment.
-“No shows” are inclusive of clients not located in their hotel lobby at the appointed time, and clients not located at the airport for the designated flight arrival

-A confirmation email will be sent once the booking is complete.

-Credit card charges are made in local currency-
Cancellation fee prior to departure:
– Up to 14 Days, 25%;
– Up to 7 days, 50%;
– Up to 4 days 75%;
– Less than 4 days 100%.

– These terms and conditions apply to moment reservations


In rare circumstances, the operator might have to modify or altogether cancel a tour due to operational reasons or a lack of participants.
The client will be notified directly as soon as possible
In this case, customers can receive a full refund or the option to swap to a different tour or alternative departure for the reserved tour.

Refund Policy:
In the case that Tzur Tours determines that a refund is promised, it will be processed and paid within 30 business days of said determination. Credit card refunds will be processed by credit card. The 3% credit card processing fee is non-refundable and will therefore not be refunded.


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Tzur Tours, a company with a family atmosphere, was founded by Eliyahu Tzur, based on his vast experience as a qualified tour guide. Our expertise is in Private tours and organized tours for small and medium-sized groups. Our aim is to connect you to this wonderful country, to maximize your experience, and this with good quality service and at competitive prices.

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Tzur tours – Terms & Conditions