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Taxi in Israel

Welcome to Israel, you just have landed at Israel airport and you are looking to get a taxi in Israel to take you to your hotel to rest after a long flight, before taking one, you better read this Israel taxi guide to avoid any inconvenience.

1. Israel has strict transportations laws, and only authorized cars are allowed driving people and excepting a payment, a taxi, must have the yellow cap and taxi license Num. No Uber in Israel!

2. How to pay a taxi in Israel?

Taxi rides can be paid in 2 ways:A. A fixed price to your destination agreed on upfront.
B. Meter, always choose the meter in the city! (The taxi driver cannot refuse to Meter!)

3. Codes the Taxi drivers must follow:

A. Cannot join any foreign passengers to your ride

B. If you choose, The taxi must follow the route you dictate (you can put Waze or google maps and tell him, to follow)

C. The taxi drivers must have a sign with their details on the column of the car between the two doors, in a case, the driver tries to trick you take a photo of this sign and the number of the cap from outside, he might change his mind after taking his details

D. filing a complaint: you should know that the transport authority Israel has a very low tolerance for such violations, fill a  complaint in this link
Unfortunately, the form is in Hebrew, ask the assistance of any Israeli in the street all will be happy to help with this matter. English phone *8787, Email:

4. Taxi prices Israel

subject to Num of people, luggage, day/night,
Taxi to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv $80- $120
Tax to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem $80- $120
Taxi to the Airport from Tel Aviv $40- $70
Taxi to the Airport from Jerusalem $75- $100Get Taxi in Israel

Note: Friday and Saturday have weekend Tariff.

5. Taxi from the airport to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv

outside of the arrivals hall Gate 03, or at floor 2 gate 21(with a lower fare)
there are plenty of taxi’s there 24/7

6.Gett taxi app in Israel

Download an app called “Gett” on Itunes or Playstore, it’s like uber only with taxis.
you will know the price upfront, and pay directly to the app. all their drivers are reliable and rated. Highly recommended for tourists.


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Get a Taxi in Israel