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Bargaining in Israel

Welcome to Israel, the best place in the world (at least in my eyes). Though Israel is a highly developed and progressive country we still have to remember that it is located in the middle east, which makes Israel a mix of middle eastern and western cultures. Being so, it will affect you pretty much everywhere; the first time you might notice it would be while you are shopping. In the middle east like in the middle east, sometimes, if you are a tourist who is buying some product or service you might be ripped-off. So how not to get ripped off? the answer is bargain while you are in Israel.

Haggling in Israel

The real ability is knowing how to estimate the price of a product or a service, however, if you don’t know, that’s ok too, as you can always use the haggling tactic as explained below-

Where do we haggle? and how?

Everyone are haggling in Israel all the time, but not everywhere.haggling in Israel
We can divide the places we are haggling into 3 categories-

First category: Taxies, markets, bazaars, private services, private shops (art galleries, jewelry, souvenirs etc), places in which the price can be determined by the seller.
In this category, you mostly really haggle.

Israeli negotiation style

How do we haggle?
First of all be polite, aggressive haggling can cause inconvenience.

Haggling isn’t a pure science, you need to feel the person in front of you.
For example, if you think that the price of a product is way too high, you can offer to buy it for half the price and proceed from there judging by the reaction of the seller. If the price is right but you are not sure if it’s supposed to be lower, you can ask for a discount.

Second category: private shops with fix prices or labels on all the products-
Though it might look that prices are already fixed, you can always ask politely for a discount, that’s totally normal in Israel.

Third category: places we don’t haggle.
Large chains, food stands, supermarkets, fashion chains, restaurants, malls, public transportation, kiosks, etc.
Don’t try to haggle in those places as it will look odd.
Have a good trip and good luck.

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Shopping and haggling in Israel- Israel Tour Guide