Purim in Israel- 2020

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Purim in TLV by: stateofisrael flicker

Purim Is maybe the most fun, colorful and festive holiday in Israel, celebrated intensively with Carnaval’s, parties, feasts, lots of alcohol and the most important, masquerading- from young children to adults everyone is masquerading and taking a part in the Purim festival.
So, what are we celebrating?
Purim Marks the rescue of the Jewish people from extermination plot, during the Persian period(2500 years ago) According to the book of Ester, Haman, a senior Minister in the Persian Empire maneuvered the Persian king(Ahasuerus) to sign on a Royal Decree ordering to exterminate all the Jewish people across the Persian empire,the vicious plan was stopped thanks to God and the new beautiful wife of Ahasuerus, Ester, that exposed the plot and revealed her Jewish Identity, the king, that was furies to hear that Haman is planning to kill his beautiful wife and her people ordered to execute Haman and his 10 sons and let to the Jews the right to protect themselves, and since then, the day that proposed for the extermination of the Jewish people become a yearly festival.


This year the Purim festival will take place from the evening of March 11 until the evening of March 12 .


Purim in Tel Aviv

Purim in Jerusalem

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Purim in Israel- 2020