Negev Desert Tour

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Negev Desert Tour

Starting from $900 per car: Visit the tomb of Ben Gurion, Take a hike in the Ein Ovdat oasis, Explore the Ancient City of Ovdat, Enjoy the beauty of the Ramon Crater

Negev Desert Tour


Ben Gurion Tomb

Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel and founder of the state preferred to be buried in the Negev than in the pantheon of the Great Leaders of the Nation in the National Cemetary of Har Herzl. He believed that settling in the Negev should be the first and foremost goal. We will learn about his eccentric personality and on the Negev that comprises about 2/3 of Israels’ territory.

Ein Ovdat

A true oasis, Ein Ovdat is a spring gushing from the narrow canyon, boasting a rich flora and unusual ecological system. We will hike in one the pristine places in Israel and enjoy the beauty of the Negev

Mitzpe Ramon and a drive through the Ramon Crater

One of Israel’s wonders and a unique phenomenon. Geological processes that took millions of years have created an amazing and breathtaking views and magnificent nature. We will overlook the Ramon crater and Enjoy a short hike through the beautiful landscape of Ramon’s Crater.

(Optional): enjoy a fun Jeep ride inside the Ramon crater

(Not included in the price)


An ancient city that was founded as a crossing point for merchants who’ve passed thousands of kilometers in the dry desert, from Arabia to the cities on the shore of Israel, to sell perfumes to the Roman world. The city conveys the extraordinary story of the perfume road and the settling in the Negev in ancient times.

Camelback riding (optional)

The camel was the optimal vehicle in the desert and a feature of the Middle East, come experience a desert adventure and feel as if you were a perfume merchant walking on this same road, 2,000 years ago.

The Israeli Air Force Museum  (optional)

Negev Desert Tour Duration: 9-10 Hours

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Negev Desert Tour