Masada Ein Gedi and Dead Sea Tour

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Masada Ein Gedi and Dead Sea Tour Starting from $750: Explore the ruins of Masada, hike through Ein Gedi, a beautiful reserve and enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic experience at the Dead Sea.



We will ride up to the famous fortress on the top of the mountain by cable car and visit King Herod’s palace’s magnificent remnants.

There we will also get to walk through the ruins of Masada and learn the dramatic story of the last Jewish battle against the Roman Empire that took place there.

Masada Ein Gedi and Dead Sea Tour


Dead Sea

Enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic experience at the lowest place on earth. The Dead Sea is a world wonder; its mineral water and the special weather is well known for their health and relaxation benefits.
We will visit one of the most splendid beaches of the Dead Sea. There we will float in the miraculous salty water, apply the well–known mineral mud, and mostly relax and enjoy ourselves.

Ein Gedi

A beautiful oasis in the Judean desert that is rich with animals as well as tropical trees.
There we will hike through the wonderful resort and learn about the top-secret that was kept by the people of Ein Gedi’s ancient village.

(Optional) Qumran

In Qumran, the dead sea scrolls were found, the most important treasure of Israel’s state (preserved today in the Israel Museum).
We will visit the residence of the Judea desert sect, also called the “Essenes,” explore the findings on the site, and be fascinated by the manuscripts that open us a window into the daily lives of the sects and the Jewish community as a whole at the end the second Temple era, the same time when Christianity was born.

Masada At Sunrise

Masada Ein Gedi and Dead Sea TourDuration: 9-10 Hours

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Masada Ein Gedi and Dead Sea Tour