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Judean Hills tour: See and hear about IDF armored corps at Latrun tank Museum, Explore the amazing bell caves at Maresha National park Visit Kibbutz, and more. Starting from $750

Beit Guvrin- Maresha National Park

Maresha and Beit Guvrin are two Impressive cities that existed in the same place, at the beginning of the biblical period, through the Roman, Byzantine, and Muslim periods

Discover the great caves and the man-made “Bell halls” which were carved in the soft chalkstone, hundreds and thousands of years ago. See the well-preserved Roman gladiator arena and learn about Roman culture and way of life.

The Ella Valley

Take a close look at the Ella Valley, the site of the famous biblical battle between David and Goliath, hear about the constant conflict between the Israelites and the philistines and enjoy the great view of the Judean hills.


Start your day at Latrun, an old British fort which nowadays is the Israeli Armored Corps Memorial Site and the Israeli Tank Museum, with one of the largest tank displays in the world. Learn about the history and the legacy of the Israeli Armored Corps and enjoy the cool display.


Soreq Cave (Stalactite Cave)

Under the Judean hills lies a real natural treasure – the beautiful Stalactite cave. The walk between the diverse shapes and colors will take you to an enchanted world of natural beauty.


Optional: Bar Kochva’s caves

crawl in Bar Kochva’s caves, a system of underground tunnels that were dug and used by Jewish rebels as guerilla warfare against the Romans 1900 years ago.


Optional- “Dig for a day”

Take part in archaeological digging at the Maresha hill.


More options:

Ayalon Institute Museum- A secret ammunition factory

A secret factory founded by the Hagana in 1945 in Kibbutz Ayalon under the laundry building

of the Kibbutz. The noisy factory for ammunition production was kept secret from even

Kibbutz members themselves and created millions of bullets for the upcoming Independence War.


The Kibbutz and the Moshav

A visit in the Cooperative Moshav (similar to a kibbutz) Massuot Yitzchak, my home. We will

hear about the history of the Moshav during the Independence War, the development of the

cooperative lifestyle in Israel and how it contributed to the development of the country. We

will visit the Moshav and explore the different agricultural branches from which its members

earn their money.

Duration: 9 Hours

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Judean Hills tour