Judea and Samaria Tour – 2 days

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Tour Judea and Samaria

the biblical heartland where many of the biblical stories took a place, drive along with the patriarchs’ way across Judea and Samaria, understand the geography of many stories.

Tour highlights:

Day 1: Visit the holy and amazingly preserved 2000 years old cave of the patriarchs, learn about 3000 years of Jewish history in Hebron, at the settler’s neighborhood. see the Tel Hebron, the ancient hill and findings from the times of the Patriarchs, end the day at the amazing Herodium, the most important palace and fortress of King Herod.

Day 2: Visit the alleged site of Jacob’s dream at Beit el. Learn and explore ancient Shiloh the first capital of the Israelites and see the place where the tabernacle once stood. drive to Mt Gerizim top and visit impressive remnants of ancient temples referred to the samaritans.

visit the samaritan community and learn about this fascinating society preserving the ancient Israelite religion.

This tour does not include a visit to the Palestinian territory (Area A)


From $1500

Included: professional tour guide + new tourist car up to 4 people + Guide’s overnight stay

Not included: Entrance fees, Food, *Hotels

*Hotels price will be quoted separately according to luxury preferences.

cave of the patriarchs

Day 1: Hebron and Heorduim

  • Cave of the Patriarchs
  • Abraham Avinu and Hadasa neighborhoods
  • Tel Romeda the biblical hill of Hebron
  • Herodium, King Herod’s Palace and mausoleum

Suggested Overnight: Jerusalem

shiloh israel


Day 2: Samaria :

  • Beit El, Jacobs dream site
  • Ancient Shiloh
  • Mt Gerizim, Mt o blessing
  • Ancient Samaritan Temple remnants
  • Visit Samaritan Neiberhood and Museum

Optional: Wine tasting at Tura winery

Judea and samaria tour

Optional:   add a private day tour to the Palestinian territories with Private couch and a local Palestinian guide



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Judea and Samaria Tour – 2 days