Jerusalem walking tours – The essential guide

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Jerusalem walking tours

When coming to Israel for a tour, we highly recommended staying at least two nights in Jerusalem. While staying in Jerusalem, it is a must to take some Jerusalem walking tours. The reason is that many of the famous sites of Jerusalem are in one area – the old city / the city center. Tzur Tours offers private Jerusalem walking tours starting from $370 per day per group

it is still a significant distance to cover by foot, but it won’t make sense to get out from the car or bus every site. Therefore in Jerusalem, you mostly walk, especially in the old city as all this area is jammed by heavy traffic.

Jerusalem is an incredible city. You can easily tour Jerusalem for three days. There is so much to see there, thousands of years of history, culture, and religions all bound in one place. And of course, the food won’t let you down as well.

Jerusalem walking tours
The Kotel

Jerusalem guided walking tours

here is a list of the top recommended attractions for Jerusalem guided walking tours in the new city of Jerusalem that usually require transport.

Jerusalem guided walking tours 2
Mt of olives

Israel museum

One of the best museums globally, especially with its enormous archeological collection, including significant biblical findings, including the famous Dead sea scrolls, visiting the Israel Museum is a must.

Jerusalem walking tours 2
Israel museum

Mahne Yuda Market

Many would say that the Machne Yuda Market is the beating heart of Jerusalem. With hundreds of vendors and colorful stands with fruit, spices, pastries, and pretty much everything (kosher) you would like to eat. And many cool and tasty restaurants, Pubs, and coffee shops around.

Shagal windows

Inside the Hadahasa Ein Karem hospital hiding a fabulous artwork of the famous artist Mark Shagal, 12 stained glass windows representing the 12 sons of Jacob.

Yad Vashem.

The famous Holocaust museum commemorates the 6 Million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis. Yas Vashem museum is brilliantly designed, taking the visitor on a journey through the memory of a world that once was and gone.

Ein Karem

Ein Karem is a lovely neighborhood of Jerusalem that once was a small village. Today it preserves its charming nature with old houses and alleys great place for a coffee or lunch break. And, of course, an important site for Christianity, the hometown of John the baptist.

Ben Yehuda St

In the city center of Jerusalem, all the way to Zion square, and the allies around it, including Nahalat shiva, you will find lovely streets with a lively atmosphere. Coffee shops, restaurants, street food, and more; it is a great place to take a stroll.

Mea Shearim

Mea Shearim This is the heart of the Hasidic (Ultra-orthodox) residential area in Jerusalem.

For a visitor from the outside, a new parallel world will be revealed.

Note, a strict dress code is required, better to go with a tour guide.

The Knesset

The Israeli Parliament is open for visitors and offers a free tour in the Parliament of the only democracy in the middle east.

Jerusalem old city walking tour

Jerusalem old city walking tour
Ramparts walk

Ramparts walk

Take a hike on the ancient walls of Jerusalem and enjoy spectacular views of Jerusalem and the old city

The cardo

Beautiful remnants of one of Jerusalem Romans streets with moving and colorful galleries

Hurba synagog

A very impressive synagog that was ruined twice tells the Jewish quarter’s story in the last 300 years. Plus a fantastic view of the old city rooftops.

Church of the holy sepulcher

The holiest site for most of the Christians around the world. Where according to the tradition, Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected. Some protestants groups suggest that The Garden Tomb is the site of the crucifixion.

Jerusalem old city walking tour 3
Church of the holy sepulcher

The garden tomb

An alternative site that is identified by protestant groups as the crucifixion site, in any case, the place preserves well the Garden atmosphere mentioned in the new testament.

The western wall

The holy remnant of the Jewish Temple that has been destroyed by the Romans 2000 years ago, and today it is the most sacred site and a symbol for the Jewish people. It is active 24/7 for prayers and ceremonies.

Kidron valley

The ancient Jewish cemetery outside of the old city walls is the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world, with tombs that dated to the times of King Salomon 2900 years ago) you will find there impressive monuments and graves with a fascinating story behind it

City of David

The ancient core of Jerusalem that been established by king David over 3000 years ago. The site includes fascinating archeological findings with underground tunnels and streets (over a mile !) that will take you back in time.

Mt zion

You will find two exciting sites out of the old city walls: the tomb of King David and the last supper-room.

The western wall (Kotel) tunnels:

The visitors can see the temple’s impressive remains buried underground on a special guided tour of the Kotel tunnels.

Davidson Center

Davidson Center is a fascinating archeological garden that allows the visitors to explore the 2000 years old- well preserved – Jerusalem streets, temple walls, gates, Just like the pilgrims did 2000 years ago.

Temple Mt

The second temple’s enormous plaza was built 2000 years ago by King Herod to accommodate pilgrims’ millions. Today it’s the site of the El Aktza mosque, the 3rd holiest site to the Muslims. The mosque and the impressive golden doom were built by the Muslims Halif’s in the 7th and 8th century to mark where Muhamad prayed and ascended to heaven and back. Note there are specific opening times during the day that the plaza is open for non-Muslims


Bethesda is a site with a long tradition and many archeological findings that commemorate the miracle of healing the disabled man at Bethesda’s pools. Don’t miss the best-preserved 12-century crusader church on the site.


The famous gardens where according to the tradition, Judas betrayed Jesus and, next to the gardens standing the imposing church of agony.

The Via Delarosa

The famous 14 stations of the cross go across the old city with some interesting stops. Next to the 1st station, don’t miss the Roman street and Antonia fortress remnants under the Convent of the Sisters of Zion.

Mt of Olives

The Best viewpoint of the city where every tourist should stop and enjoy this magical view of Jerusalem.

Tower of David

Jerusalem old city walking tour 2
Towe of David

The Mighty 2000 years old fort guarded Jerusalem’s entrance against any enemy has changed hands between the different conquers along with history. Today it is a fine museum and an excellent vantage point over the old city excellent strat point for Jerusalem walking tours.

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Jerusalem walking tours – The essential guide