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Bible Lands Museum

Bible Lands Museum

    The Bible Lands Museum in Hebrew “Museum Artzot Hamikra” dedicates its efforts to exhibit as much as possible about the cultures and history of the peoples that inhabited this area concentrating in the ancient world from the very beginnings to the early Christian era. Among the most influential are the ancient Canaanites, Egyptians, …

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tour dead sea

Dead Sea Tour

The Dead Sea is called in Hebrew Yam Hamelach or the Sea of Salt. It is located between Jordan and Israel, being the east coast in Jordanian territory and west Israel. It is also known by the names of Sea of the Arava, Sea of Sdom, Sea of Lot. The Crusaders called it the Devil’s …

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chagall windows

Chagall Windows

Chagall Windows at the Hadassah Hospital  The beauty of the Chagall Windows, the light they emanate and the perfection of Chagall’s work will be found at Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem. The twelve stained glass windows were created by the famous Jewish-French artist, Russian born Marc Chagall (1887-1985) as a present to the State …

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Beit Guvrin

  Book a private tour of Beit Guvrin! Beit Guvrin National Park The first time I went to Beit Guvrin many years ago was taking a group of mine to the “Dig for a Day” experience. I cherish this day and remember how happy my clients were. This park is located on the slopes of …

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History Masada – a Diverse

On the western shore of the Dead Sea towering above the lowest sea in the world is the majestic Masada, a steep flat-topped mountain, both impregnable and beautiful. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Masada was used as the site for a royal palace and a well-defended fortress. Its location, in the desert, explains …

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