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Wineries in Israel

Wineries in Israel

Wineries in Israel are the “in” thing. Many of them are very successful and showing the best wines in the country with an international reputation. Many of them offer tastings including cheese and chocolate. When you visit them, you’ll be transported to Tuscany and Bordeaux. A few of Israel’s Tour Operators specialize in this sector.

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Beit Guvrin

  Book a private tour of Beit Guvrin! Beit Guvrin National Park The first time I went to Beit Guvrin many years ago was taking a group of mine to the “Dig for a Day” experience. I cherish this day and remember how happy my clients were. This park is located on the slopes of

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Get a Taxi in Israel

Taxi in Israel Welcome to Israel, you just have landed at Israel airport and you are looking to get a taxi in Israel to take you to your hotel to rest after a long flight, before taking one, you better read this Israel taxi guide to avoid any inconvenience. 1. Israel has strict transportations laws,

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Purim in Israel- 2020

Purim Is maybe the most fun, colorful and festive holiday in Israel, celebrated intensively with Carnaval’s, parties, feasts, lots of alcohol and the most important, masquerading- from young children to adults everyone is masquerading and taking a part in the Purim festival. So, what are we celebrating? Purim Marks the rescue of the Jewish people

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