Info and articles about the Northen region of Israel

Belvoir fortress israel

Belvoir fortress

On the way to the north of Israel stands the beautiful  medieval Belvoir fortress with astonishing views from the top and fascinating history   Book A Tour! Belvoir Fortress National Park Belvoir Fortress National Park is known in Hebrew as Kochav Hayarden, meaning “Star of the Jordan” is a massive and amazing Crusaders Castle. It …

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Beth shean

Beit shean Israel

Beit Shean Israel Beit Shean Israel: Far away from the center of the country, there is a hidden gem – Beit Shean, the “Pompei of Israel “, this 2000 years old roman town has been destroyed by an earthquake 1400 years and never been restored, the streets of the city the facilities of the house …

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hulla valley

Hula valley Israel

Hula Valley Israel   How about this? Every year, twice a year, 500 million birds migrate along the Syrian African rift from Europe and Asia to Africa and back. Obviously they cannot make the long journey in one flight so they have to rest somewhere to replenish themselves. Their favorite stopping place is in a …

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Beit Shearim Israel

Beit Shearim

From a vibrant town to a famous Nekropolis- Beit Shearim Israel The town was Beit Shearim Israel was established in King Herod times at the end of the 1 century BCE, and reach to its climax on the 4 century when the Galilee turns to be the center of the Jewish life after the Vast …

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pic: Sapir ozen

Akko (Acre) Israel

Akko (Acre) Israel is an old city with a natural port at the northern tip of Haifa Bay. This natural port, standing at the end of the mainland route linking the wealth of the east with the Mediterranean Sea, has made Akko strategically important for thousands of years. As you wander through the old city, …

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