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Israel guided tours 2021

This week, the media told us that Pfizer company and Moderna are ready to release a vaccine to Covide 19 with high efficiency. Until the middle of 2021, the companies will distribute it, and billions will get it. Maybe it’s early to determine, but I’m an optimistic person. As I believed that the world would have covid vaccine until the end of 2020, allow me to predict that 2021 is going to be a successful year of recovery in tourism, especially in Israel guided tours in 2021.

israel guided tours 2021
Israel guided tours 2021

Private guided tours in Israel

If to believe the news, Israel is about to get a vaccine to half of the population by the end of January 2021, and the rest will get it in the following months, which will eliminate the Covid 19 here in Israel. Therefore Israel is expected to be one of the first countries that are safe to travel during the time of Covid; this will allow for planning your trip to the spring months without the fear that your trip will be canceled because of another wave of the pandemic.

private guided tours in israel
Private guided tours in Israel

It is most likely that the first to recover will be the field of Israel guided tours 2021, and in it would be private guided tours in Israel. The reason is that people would prefer at the beginning to travel in small or private groups to avoid the crowd.

Best guided tours in Israel

We offer the best guided tours in Israel. A high-quality Small group tours, including groups with no more than 12 people, a luxurious minibus. Best hotels in Israel that handpicked by us, and most important, OUr expert tour guides. Enjoy a private tour guide and get the best Israel private tour guide price for your money.

best israel private guided tours
Best Israel private guided tours

Best Israel private guided tours

One of Our expertise is to plan and execute a private guided tour in Israel.

We offer a fully customized itinerary to our clients’ preferences. including, best tour guides in Israel, new tourist car/ van, best hotels in Israel in the most attractive locations

Our Israel private tours & packages have the most advantages over regular tours:

  1. More personal experience, with a private guide, you get to focus on what interests you, if it religions, archeology, landscape, modern history, food, people we will highlight the things that interest you. Plus, you will get more time to spend with our guide, who will introduce our country and its people to you through his personal and professional eyes.
  2. Time and pace, Master your time; if you want to spend more time in one site on the expanse of others, you choose. Also if you are a swift traveler or a slow pace walker, you will dictate the pace and maximize your time at the places you like the most.
  3. Convenience, with a comfortable tourist class SUV or Van with a private driver, you get the best conditions to enjoy your trip with your family, without getting too tired or being worry about when the bus will stop for a toilet break…
  4. See the unique places, with a private tour, you can have the luxury of touring sites that big groups cannot enjoy.
  5. Perfect for small group tours in Israel. Enjoy unusual boutique hotels with a special atmosphere that are usually located in the most central and vibrant locations. See also our special Israel tours for seniors.
  6. best guided tour in israel
    Best guided tour in Israel

Israel guided tour packages

Contact us to plan a meaningful and fun trip for you and your group. We have many excellent Israel guided tour packages. Our various planes adjusted to different interests, Christian oriented tour? Bar mitzvah trip? Archeology and history lovers? Food lovers? Hikers?

Families with kids or slow past walkers, we got you all covered. and waiting to plan a memorable and fun trip for you

israel guided tour packages
Israel guided tour packages

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Tzur Tours, a company with a family atmosphere, was founded by Eliyahu Tzur, based on his vast experience as a qualified tour guide. Our expertise is in Private tours and organized tours for small and medium-sized groups. Our aim is to connect you to this wonderful country, to maximize your experience, and this with good quality service and at competitive prices.

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Israel guided tours 2021