Herodium and Beit guvrin Tour

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Herodium and Beit guvrin Tour. Visit the palace and fortress of Herod last king of Judea. Travel along an ancient path traced back to the Patriarchs’ age. Stop at a local boutique winery. Starting from $750 per group


Herodium is no doubt one of the most beautiful and fascinating sites in Israel. The palace and stronghold of King Herod which stands on the artificial mountain on the edge of the desert were amazingly preserved while the archeological excavations there continue to astound us with new findings every day! Together we will tour and discover why Herod chose to be buried in this isolated location? Why did he order to cover the magnificent fortress he had built? And why did it take more than 30 years to locate his grave?

Herodium and Beit guvrin Tour

The Stalactite Cave – Absalom’s Cave (Sorek Cave)

One of Israel’s natural wonders is hidden on the slopes of Jerusalem mountains: Absalom’s cave (Sorek), a karstic cave that was discovered by mistake during an explosion in a nearby strip mine. There is a huge variety of stalactites and stalagmites in the cave, crowded thickly together in a form that cannot be found in other stalactite caves in the world. The tour in the cave feels like a visit to another planet and it is truly a feast for the eyes.

Valley of Elah (Emek Haela) – The Battlefield of David and Goliath

On our way to Beit Guvrin, we will go through the Valley of Elah, the place where the famous battle between David and Goliath took place. We shall see the large valley in which the Israelites and Philistines met for the battle 3000 years ago as well as the brook from which David took the stone he shot to the forehead of the Philistine giant, thereby bringing about a great victory.

Beit Guvrin National Park

Not long ago, Beit Guvrin National Park was chosen as UNESCO’s world heritage site, and for a good reason: in Beit Guvrin there are world-class unique select sites which we will visit, such as the great bell caves, the columbarium caves that served to rear pigeons and to make ancient crafts, Sidonian burial caves and more. All were quarried by man, hundreds and thousands of years ago. As a result, this area received the name “The Land of a Thousand Caves”. Besides the caves, we shall visit the remains of the Roman city, and see the well-preserved Amphitheatre of Beit Guvrin in which gladiator fights took place as was the case in the Colosseum in Rome.


Herodium and Beit guvrin Tour Duration: 9 Hours

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Herodium and Beit guvrin Tour