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Hebron is one of the most ancient cities in the world, starting in the ancient Canaanite times (4500 years ago). Hebron is also famous for the many biblical stories and the stories of the Patriarchs, hence the name in Hebrew “Ir Haavot” (City of the Patriarchs). Hebron Day Tour Starting from per car $800.


On our tour, we will visit the city’s biblical sites, see and hear about the renewed Jewish settlement in Hebron and the tension existing between Jews and Arabs in the city. we will of course visit,  the Cave of Patriarchs, the burial site of the Israeli nation’s forefathers, and the most ancient public structure in the world which is still in use after over 2000 years.

The Cave of Machpelah (Cave of Patriarchs)

According to the Bible, Abraham insisted on purchasing the parts of the field of Efron Hachiti and not accepting it as a present, and eventually, he would bury his wife Sarah there.  Since that time the cave turned into the burial site of the Patriarchs. We will talk about the unique character of Abraham, the first believer, visit the building of the Cave of Machpela, the most ancient public structure in the world that is still in service. View the tombstones and graves of the nation’s patriarchs, and hear the rich history of the site and traditions linking the place to the entrance of heaven and the grave of Adam and Eve and more.Hebron Day Tour

Tel Hebron (Hill of Hebron)

Tel Hebron is the location of the ancient Canaanite city. We will visit the site and view the remains of the ancient city which have been discovered, as well as the wall which faced the 12 spies Moses had sent, and the ancient water spring which served the city.

Beit Hadasa (Hadasa House)

An old structure from the 19th century served as a hospital for the residents of Hebron, both Jews and Arabs, free of charge. Today a museum exists in the building, commemorating the history of the Jewish settlement in Hebron and the pogroms against the Jews, of 1929. We will visit the museum and hear the history of Jewish settlement throughout the generations and the crisis point with the Arab population.

Abraham Avinu (Abraham our Patriarch) Neighborhood

Hear the story of the older neighborhood which was founded in the 16th century by Jews, expelled from Spain.We shall hear about the history of the place and visit the ancient synagogue of Avraham Avinu, in which according to tradition, the spirit of Abraham arrived and prayed with the residents of the neighborhood.

Optional: Museum of Kiryat Arba

On our way back we will stop at the museum of Eretz Yehuda which gathers fascinating findings from biblical times through to Roman times, found in Hebron and the surrounding areas.

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