Guided tours to Israel 2024 – FAQ

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Guided tours to Israel 2024

Guided tours to Israel

Here is a short guide to answer the most common questions about  guided tours to Israel 2021 :

Do you need a tour guide in Israel?

And the answer is that you can travel across Israel by yourself without a problem, but most likely, you will miss significant parts of the country’s culture, history, people, food, and more. Many things that research on the internet or reading a travel guide will not cover. Guided tours to Israel 2024 will enhance your trip! learn more on our page: guided tours isreal reviews

private guided tours of Israel

private guided tours of Israel 

How much is a tour guide in Israel?

Israel private tour guide without a car is usually $400 per day. A tour guide with a touring car starts at $650 per day for up to 4 ppl and no more than 200 kilometers per day, not including food and entrance fees. Please read our full price list in the following link: guided tours Israel prices. Private guided tours of Israel can be an excellent option for families and couples.

guided tours Israel – day tours

guided tours Israel - day tours

What is the most popular day tours?

I would say that these are the top 5 classic day tours in Israel

  • The old city of Jerusalem

Frankly, you can tour Jerusalem for three days without a problem. This city has so many layers of history, archeology, and culture that you can easily get lost in all the existing information, but if I have to point out a day tour of the city, I would say, visit the four ancient quarters, visit the church of the holy sepulcher, visit the western wall and the underground Jerusalem in the City of David if you still have time.

  • Masada and the Dead Sea

It is maybe the most popular tour in Israel after Jerusalem, and when you get there, you will understand why. A fantastic desert landscape siding with the beautiful Dead Sea will give you the feeling you are on another planet, add to this the dramatic site of Masada, 2000 years old place hanged on a cliff and the dramatic story of the last stronghold of the Jewish rebels against the Romans during the great revolt 70 CE

  • Cesarea and Roh Hanikra

A well-preserved Roman city lies at the lovely Mediterranian Sea

, and the story is of one mad genius king who establishes the land’s capital for the next 600 years. As the beautiful northern coastline and Rosh Ha’nikra grottos.

  • Sea of Galilee region

When going up in the north, about 2 hours from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, you will find the core gospel stories. In this area, you will discover many famous sites: Capernaum, the town of Jesus with its phenomenal ancient synagog, Bet Sayda, Mt Beatitudes, Tabgha, Magdala that was a central Jewish town in the times of the new testament and has impressive remnants from those times, The ancient boats from Ginosar and more.

  • Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Tel Aviv means, in Hebrew, old and new. That’s exactly what this tour is about, Touring the beautiful old allies of jaffa, learning about 4000 years of history and enjoying the vibrant markets and streets of Tel Aviv, and of course the old port and beaches.

When taking guided tours Israel – day tours, it best to consult with Tzur Tours and plan a memorable trip.

guided tours to Israel from USA

guided tours to Israel from USA

We welcome American tourists, and many choose to do their

guided tours to Israel from USA with Tzur Tours.

we are frequently asked by people from the USA the following questions:

Is it safe for an American to visit Israel?

Yes, and to all kinds of tourists. Although Israel’s image, it is safer than America or some European countries, if you are going to the west bank, I recommend going to the west bank with a tour guide.

What is the best month to go to Israel?

Please take my word as a tour guide. The best months coming to Israel are is at the beginning of March or at the beginning of November. Usually, you will have no rain, sunny days with convenient temperature, and most importantly, a little crowd in all the sites.



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Guided tours to Israel 2024 – FAQ