Golan Heights and Galilee

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Golan Heights and Galilee tour highlights:


Safed, the City of the Kabbalah, Banias reserve, Golan Heights Wineries, Bentall mountain,  and more

Starting from  $850

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We will walk through the alleys of the city where Jewish Kabbalah was developed, visit the artist quarter and the famous synagogues of Rabbi Josef Karo, the Arie synagogue, and Abohav synagogue.  We will hear stories about the unique people of Safed and about mysticism in the Jewish religion.


We will walk in the beautiful Banias nature reserve, the main water source of the Jordan river. We will hear about the ancient pagan temple built for Pan, a mythological creature half goat half man, and enjoy the lush nature with streaming waterfalls and fabulous views of the Upper Galilee.

Bental mountain

An old Israeli bunker built on a volcanic mountain, 1,200 meters above sea level, enables a view of Syria and the border town Kuneitra.We will hear the heroic stories of the battles of the Six Days War and Yom Kippur war, learn about the current situation around the border today and the geopolitical environment in the region.

Golan Heights Wineries

Visit one of the best wineries in the world, tour and peek into the wine industry in Israel to taste samples of the top wines of the winery.

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optional activities

Nimrod Fortress

One of Israel Gems, a beautiful and well preserved Medieval fortress built on the cliff overlooking the Galilee and Golan.

-Light and Sound Show “Oz 77” in Kibbutz Elrom.

The show exposes original writings and authentic video excerpts from the heroic battle of 13 Israeli tanks that stopped two Syrian divisions in a defensive struggle that saved Israel- Recommended!

-Rafts and kayaks in the Jordan river, a family attraction rowing calmly along the Jordan River.

– Extreme rafting in the mountainous part of the Jordan River. Raise your adrenaline in 3-5 hours rafting with experienced guides. Minimal age: 15, please be sure to book ahead of time.

-Aniam Artist Village

An artist village that resembles a European street with galleries and workshops. You may find jewelry and colorful ceramic art as well as Judaica, cloth and wood paintings, carpentry, woven baskets, photography, and more.

-Agamon Hula

Israel is a resting point for over half a billion migratory birds a year! During the fall and spring the Agamon Hula (Hula lake),  nature reserve, and the surrounding agricultural fields around becoming a freshening spot for millions of migratory birds of hundreds of species. The Hula Valley, which is in the heart of the Syrian-African rift, and hosts a huge variety of birds, transforms into one of the best birding spots in the world. We will wander with binoculars a  book about birds and enjoy nature at its best.

Duration: 9-10 Hours


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Golan Heights and Galilee