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Jerusalem tour:


Explore the City of David, Visit the Davidson center- an archeological garden, Pray at the Western Wall, Visit The Jewish quarter, and experience Yad Vashem. Starting from $420(walking tour).

Jerusalem Tour

Our Classic tour:

City of David

is the first capital of the Kingdom of Israel, established by King David. We will see fascinating biblical findings, walk through hidden tunnels including the Siloam tunnel that King Hezekiah built against the Assur blockade in the 6th century, BCE.

Davidson center- Archeological garden

In the Days of the 2nd Temple, Jerusalem was the most beautiful city in the eastern world and the temple itself was the most dazzling building ever constructed. The 2,000-year-old roads and the powerful and gorgeous ruins will take us back to the days of glory of Jerusalem and the temple

The Western Wall

For Judaism, the Western Wall is the sole remnant of the former Temple, and  site for pilgrimage and prayer from all over the world. Millions of visitors place slips of paper containing written prayers.

The Jewish Quarter Cardo, and the Arab Bazaar

Enjoy the history and the atmosphere of the beautiful Jewish quarter. Walk among a variety of art galleries in the ancient Roman street (Cardo) and the countless souvenir shops in the colorful Arab Bazaar.

Culinary tour in the Machne Yuda Market

Touring Machne Yuda is an authentic experience which will nourish all your senses. Stroll along the colorful stands of food, fruits, spices, and the different cuisines.See, smell, taste and enjoy the great experience in the pulsating heart of Jerusalem.

More options :

Yad Vashem

The world-renowned Holocaust museum displays the most horrific events in human history. Yad Vashem captures the Holocaust as a personal, Jewish, and global event that changed the world forever.  Never an easy visit, however, one of the most important places in Israel to visit, visitors observe disturbing artifacts and a multitude of exhibitions that reinforce the history and the  messaging of “Never forget, never again”

Chagall Windows

If you are genuine art lovers you will be glad to know that in the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem there is a hidden jam called the “Chagall Windows”- 12 beautiful vitrage windows (colored pieces of glass combined to create an astonishing art form) that were created by the great artist Mark Chagall and now they are displayed in the synagogue of Hadassah hospital.

The Knesset –Israel’s Parliament

Israel is the national home for the Jewish people and the only democracy in the Middle East, an enlightened country that enables all its minorities to voice themselves freely, yet it is determined to preserve its unique Jewish Identity. Learn about Israel and the Israeli constitution, see the Knesset Members at their work and enjoy the art exhibits of the famous painter Marc Chagall during the Knesset tour.


Visit Mea Shearim -a Jewish ultra-orthodox neighborhood and have a close encounter with the Jewish ultra-orthodox sector in Israel. Learn about their conservative way of life, their customs, traditional food, and more.

The Ancient Jerusalem Sifting Project

Jerusalem tour Duration: 8-9 Hours

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Classic Jerusalem Tour