Biblical Tour in the North of Israel

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Biblical Tour in the North of Israel


Stand on Mount Carmel, in the place where Elijah stood against Jezebel’s Baal prophets, visit Megiddo, the Armageddon place – the end of the world according to the Christian tradition and a Canaanite city rebuilt by King Solomon. We shall stop at a water spring in which Gideon tried his warriors, get an impression of the magnificent Roman city of Beth Shean, and end at Ein HaShelosha Vacation Park, the splendid Sachne.

Keren HaCarmel, the Muchraka

According to the biblical story, this is the place where Elijah’s struggle with Jezebel’s Baal prophets took place.

We will visit the site and hear about the biblical story, and about the Carmelite monastery which has maintained the site since the middle ages, and enjoy the astonishing scenery which becomes visible to us.

Megiddo (Armageddon)

In Megiddo we shall discover an ancient Canaanite city which was rebuilt by King Solomon and became a county city, and visit the stables of King Rehoboam and the city’s secret water system. We will also hear about Megiddo in the Christian tradition as the place of Armageddon – the end of the world at the end of the days.

Gideon Cave

We will stop at Gideon Cave in Maayan Charod (Water Spring of Charod), at the location where according to tradition Gideon the prophet tested his warriors and chose the most worthy, we will be able to drink ourselves from the spring and feel for a moment as Gideon’s warriors, and will also hear about how the Jewish policing forces of the British police who fought against the Arab uprising were inspired by this place.

Tel Jezreel

We will visit the remains of King Ahab in Tel Jezreel, and will easily be able to imagine the following come to life – the vineyard of Naboth, Elijah the prophet who runs before Ahab, and Jehu who rides widely into the entrance to the palace, and more.

Mount Saul

We will go up on Mount Saul in the Gilboa for a spectacular observation of Jezreel Valley and the site of the last battle of Saul and his sons in the Gilboa against the Philistines. We shall hear about Jezreel Valley and the Jewish settlement in it throughout the generations and in contemporary times and about the Kibbutz and the Moshav which first started in Jezreel Valley.

National Park Beth Shean

Beth Shean is one of the most impressive antiquity sites in Israel. We will visit the ancient core of the biblical city and from there continue to the Roman city which was discovered almost in its entirety, see the theater, the Roman street, the market, and more..

Gan HaShelosha (The Sachne), optional

Beth Shean Valley is also called the Valley of the Water Springs. We will visit the Sachne, one of the valley’s flowing springs and one of the most beautiful sites in Israel. The park has clear water pools flowing from the ground and maintains a pleasant temperature of 28 degrees all year round as well as grassy areas and trees around the site. It is a refreshing and recommended experience.

Biblical Tour in the North of Israel Duration: 10 Hours

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Biblical Tour in the North of Israel