Best Israel Tours for Seniors

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Best Israel tours for seniors

What is the best way to tour Israel for seniors?

We at Tzur Tour strongly recommend our Israel private Tours as the
perfect choice.

Why taking a private tour with Tzur Tours is the best option:

  • We tailor the itinerary according to your preferences and pace.
  • We will always address any mobility issues or special requests.
  • The itinerary we offer is planned by expert tour guides from their vast experience
  • We use New comfortable and spacious cars

Alright, What would be the cost?
The price changes and depends on the length of the trip, the hotels’ luxury, activities, etc.
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Best Israel tours for seniors
Israel tours for seniors

Making Israel accessible to older tourists

Israel tours for senior citizens

Hire an Israel private tour guide for your next trip to Israel. We all know about the increase in life expectancy. We also know about breakthroughs in medical care improving not only life expectancy but also the quality of life in old age. Many senior citizens worldwide are actively searching for new experiences to enrich their lives. Obviously, some modifications are needed so that older senior citizens can enjoy these experiences.

Israel tours for senior citizens

Best Israel Tours for Seniors

Israel as a country has done much to ensure accessibility where possible in all public amenities, buses, taxis, museums, theaters, restaurants, and places of interest to name but a few.

But accessibility is not the only need of the older senior citizen if he or she wishes to enjoy a trip to Israel. Organized tours with modified itineraries are also needed, itineraries that ensure that the senior citizen will enjoy all that Israel has to offer but at the right pace, with the right amount of physical exertion, and with the necessary amenities.  The group itself will be comprised of like-minded senior citizens so that each individual will feel that they have much in common with the rest of the group.

At Tzur-Tours, we have devised tour itineraries designed to enable maximum enjoyment for the older traveler.

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Best Israel Tours for Seniors