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Beit El Israel

We shall start our day near Beit El settlement which still carries the name of the ancient biblical city and the secret site of Jacob’s dream. Using the Bible, we’ll understand the site’s geography in biblical times and why this exact site matches Beit El’s location, not just according to research but according to the bible too.

Beit el Israel

Shiloh Israel

After enjoying the sights of Beit El and its surroundings we’ll be driving towards Shiloh, the ancient biblical city which was the first capital of Israel in the period of the Judges and the residence of the tabernacle. The city existed almost consecutively from the Israeli period up to the middle ages due to its sanctity and status. We will visit this unique and ancient site, hear the history of Shiloh throughout the generations and see with our own eyes the ancient ruins and the place where the tabernacle stood until it was destroyed by the Philistines.

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Duration: 4 Hours

Prices per day:

(Please Note Prices are per car and not per passenger)

Private tour from Jerusalem:     $700

Private tour from Tel Aviv:         $750

The price includes:

English speaking tour guide  and a touring vehicle (up to 4 seats)

The price does not include:

Food, Entrance fees, and tips

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Beit El and Shiloh – Private Tour