Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv – The White City

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Bauhaus in Tel AvivBauhaus in Tel Aviv, white city

In 2003 Tel Aviv’s White City, a large collection of Bauhaus style buildings, was proclaimed a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site as “an outstanding example of new town planning and architecture in the early 20th century”. In fact, Tel Aviv has the largest collection of Bauhaus buildings in the world.

What is Bauhaus?

Bauhaus was an art school that operated in Germany from 1919 to 1933 that had a profound impact on modern architecture, particularly the idea that architecture is an organizational task that has nothing to do with aesthetics. Bauhaus sought the unification of industrial arts, crafts and architecture under the basic philosophy that form follows function and less is more tended to produce inexpensive and plain designs centered around usability.

Bauhaus in Tel Aviv

The Bauhaus school was shut down by the Nazis in 1933. The Bauhaus movement was perceived by the Nazis as too international and under the influence of communist-style.

Many of the Bauhaus architects immigrated, some to North America and some to what was to become Israel. This emigration coincided with the planned development of the new city of Tel Aviv. Therefore the mayor of Tel Aviv enlisted Bauhaus architects such as Arieh Sharon to take part in the new design for Tel Aviv.

Because of the Mediterranean climate, many modifications were made to the standard style of Bauhaus, including smaller windows, balconies and a white exterior. This predominance of white walls instigated the name – The White City.

Where you can see Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv?

Very easy. Just stroll along Lilieblum Street and then along Rothschild Boulevard and you will see plenty of examples. The buildings surrounding Dizengoff Circle on Dizengoff Street are also fine examples of the Bauhaus style.


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Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv – The White City