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Elyahu Tzur

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I was born in Jerusalem to a family active in hiking and biking. My mother, moved to Israel during the 70s, joining her parents who had made ‘aliya’ earlier from the U.S and to pursue her Ph.D. studies in Microbiology. She married Haim and they discovered a mutual passion for cycling–this passion was passed on to the children.

I grew up in Jerusalem mainly with 2-3-year periods in New Zealand and the Negev, where I studied in the High School for Environmental Studies in Sde Boker. After completing my military service, in the infantry, I spent some time working as a logistics coordinator in the Sde Boker Field School. From the Negev, I moved to Portland, Oregon and worked as an outdoor education trainer, working with troubled youth. After returning to Israel, I completed the Israel government Tour Guide course and obtained my license. I am a 3rd generation tour guide (my grandfather was one of the first Israeli tour guides),

, I enjoy rollerblading, self-supported bike tours and YogaAsaf Rockman Tour guide

Today living in a small “Moshav” outside of Jerusalem with Enav my spouse

Seeing my work as a mission–to help families, communities and anyone interested to understand that there is something big happening in Israel and thus falling in love with my country.



My reading list:

The Source by: James Michener

The Innocents Abroad, By: Mark Twain form Chapter 44

Jerusalem the Biography, By: Simon Sebag Montefiore

Six Days of Was, By: Michael b. Oren

My Promised land, By: Ari Shavit

Start-up Nation, By: Dan Senor, Saul Singer

Light on Life By:b k s iyengar


* English as a first language

* I own a vehicle my own “Eshkol” 11 seats ( 2015 Mercedes) & 4 seats ( 2019  Subaru OutBack )


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Tzur Tours, a company with a family atmosphere, was founded by Eliyahu Tzur, based on his vast experience as a qualified tour guide. Our expertise is in Private tours and organized tours for small and medium-sized groups. Our aim is to connect you to this wonderful country, to maximize your experience, and this with good quality service and at competitive prices.

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Asaf Rockman Israel Tour Guide