Nachalat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall

The old street of Nachalat Binyamin in the center of Tel Aviv, comes to life twice a week and turns into a colorful and bubbly street where various unique and original artifacts are sold.
It is the oldest artists fair, which has been active for 30 years, since 1988. Every Tuesday and Friday, in the morning, you can see artist stands on both sides of the street, exhibiting unique works which are hard to find in regular stores. You can see the artists at the stands, most of whom are working while selling, and in this way, you can get an impression of how the work of art is done from beginning to end. You will be able to have a conversation, ask, and experience firsthand the artists and their work. The artists exhibit various pieces of work starting with papier mache, kids toys made of wood, handmade ceramics, paintings made of oil, flowers, wood engraving, and more. Altogether there are 220 different stands, exhibiting art made of all the materials provided by nature: wood, metals, glass, clay, plastic, cork, fabric, or any other material you could think of.
If you wish to buy a unique gift or some decoration for the house, this is the place. Do not hesitate to buy because you will not find such unique products elsewhere that easily. While wandering around, you will also be able to enjoy the music of street artists or the show of a clown, and when you get tired you can always sit down and enjoy one of the many coffee shops or restaurants which are located in the street or in one of the adjacent streets.
There are many parking lots around the fair, which make it easy for visitors to access the place. The fair is at the heart of a vibrant area including Allenby street and Sheinkin street, known for its many fashion shops. The colorful and authentic Shuk Hacarmel (Hacarmel market), which is an experience on its own, is close by too.