Money saving tickets of the Israeli Nature and parks authority

Money saving tip Num #1:

If you traveling in Israel on your own or with a guide, It’s most likely that at some point you will stop at one of the sites of the “Israeli Nature and parks authority”, simply because they hold and maintain almost all the major natural and archeological sites of Israel such as Caesarea, Masada, Banias etc. Most of the sites requiring Entrance fees and if you planning to visit more than 3 sites, you should buy the Multi- site tickets.
There are 3 sorts of tickets :
The Blue, Allows 3 sites visit and valid for 2 week – 78 NIS pp
The Green, Allows 6 sites visit and valid for 2 week – 110 NIS pp
The Orange, Allows unlimited sites visit and valid for 2 week – 150 NIS pp
-The Ticket meant for adults.
-The access is only to the official sites listed on the Ticket.
-All the multi-site cards include entrance to Caesarea and the Masada Museum.
-The cable car at Masada is not included.
-City of David N.P is not included.
-The ticket is meant only for tourists.
Enjoy your trip!