The Israeli Airforce Museum in Hatzerim- Israel Tour Guide

Unfortunately Israel has to keep its own army ready for action, anytime, and part of the army is the air force which has to be maintained constantly with state of the art planes and the most modern and sophisticated operating systems. The old planes are moved to the Airforce Museum in Hatzerim and everyone is invited to come, experience, and feel like pilots for one day.

When you visit the Airforce Museum you will enjoy the guidance of soldiers serving in the air force, who speak a variety of languages (Hebrew, English, French, and more).

At the museum, you will be able to see approximately 150 different aircrafts, airplanes from the time when Israel was established, like the “Messerschmitt”, as well as modern airplanes which are still in service at present time, like the “Boeing”, and the “Lavi”. Moreover, you will be able to see airplanes purchased by the air force from various countries around the world as well as different weapons.

In addition to the abundance of planes spread around the museum you could also enjoy advanced exhibitions, among them the search and rescue exhibition which presents visitors with the various means used by the air force and serve to search and rescue people.

Inside the Boeing plane, you could watch the heritage movie on the air force, which is suitable for all ages. On holidays and during vacations there is a “flight course” for children and additional activities such as “search and find the plane”.

This enjoyable site allows the visitors to have an enjoyable and rare peek into the Israeli air force and will enrich you with an outstanding experience!


  • Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 8:30-16:00