Israel private tour guide

Israel private tour guide
Israel private tour guide (from Rosh Hanikra tour)


Israel private tour guide

A Private Tour in Israel:

Congratulations, you have decided to tour Israel, a magnificent country with good food, good people, rich history, spirituality, and what not…now all that’s left is to decide what you’re going to see and experience, and with whom. Many turn to a guided tour in large groups, however, we at Tzur Tours recommend that you take a private tour guide in Israel.

And we have 10 excellent reasons for doing so:

  1. Planning: Tzur Tours will plan a trip designed especially for you according to your preferences and wishes. In this way you will be able to make the most of your time, see more and enjoy more.
  2. Special points of interest: visit special and hidden places which you would normally not see in regular tours or on your own.
  3. Your pace: you can rest whenever you like or speed up if you so wish. No one will rush you.
  4. Personal attention: a dedicated guide will care for you, and only you. furthermore, it will be a good opportunity to interact with a native professional who will introduce you to Israel through his own eyes.
  5. Utmost convenience: you will be able to enjoy spacious, air-conditioned, state of the art vehicles with comfy seats.
  6. Tailor made tour and attractions: do you like culinary better than archeology? Or vice versa? No problem. A private tour will allow you to really focus on what is interesting for you.
  7. Flexibility: Tzur Tours understands your needs and will accommodate you even if you decide to change your itinerary several times. We will do whatever it takes to have you experience Israel your way.
  8. Families: a trip with the kids is fun but could also be tiring, and an organized tour in a bus with the kids might turn out to be a nightmare…don’t hesitate though – we will plan the best trip for you and your family. One that will fit all ages and make everyone happy.
  9. Time management: when touring in a large group there will always be a nice gentleman or a sweet lady who have forgotten to buy a present for their auntie and the entire bus will be waiting just for them. This will result in delays and you will be able to see and tour less. A private tour will enable you to see more and wait for no one.
  10. Tzur Tours is committed to a reasonable price and an excellent service because it really is important to us that you have a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Join me and enjoy the best of what Israel offers.

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