Herodium – Half Day Private Tour

Discover the remnants of one the most interesting sites in Israel – Herodium.

Over the years years, many have tried to solve the riddle of finding King Herod’s tomb .

In 2008 Prof Ehud Nezer finely discovered the tomb of King Herod on the Herodium Mt, after more than 30 years of excavations and research. However, one riddle still remains to date:  how come “King Herod the Great”, the man who loved to show off and live an extravagant life, eventually got berried in the desert far away from Jerusalem and from the main road?

To reveal the answer to that mystery and much more, you are welcome to join me, and together we’ll discover the story of Heodium and King Herod’s personality through the significant remains of the Herodium, the most important place for King Herod which still carries his name after 2000 years.

Duration: 3-4 Hours

Prices per day:

(Please Note Prices are per car and not per passenger)

Private tour from Jerusalem:     $320

Private tour from Tel Aviv:         $380

The price includes:

English speaking tour guide and a touring vehicle up to 6 seats (4 Adults + 2 Children)

The price does not include:

Food, Entrance fees and tips