Private Biblical Tour to Samaria

Starting from $550: Welcome to Samaria, the Land of the Bible. We shall travel through the path of the Patriarchs, visit the site which Jacob’s dream might have taken place, stand where the Shilo Tabernacle used to be, overlook on the altar built by Joshua at Mount Ebal, meet the Samaritans at Mount Gerizim and the settlers in the Samaria settlements.

Beit El

We shall visit the watchtower, in the Beit El settlement which maintains the name given by Jacob and People of Israel to the Canaanite city of Luz, overlook the spectacular scenery and the biblical area, and hear the stories of the bible associated with the space, and the attempt to identify the biblical Beit El and the archaeological research.


Shilo is the first capital of Israel in the period of the Judges and the residence of the tabernacle. The city existed almost consecutively from the Israeli period up to the middle ages due to its sanctity and status. We will visit this unique and ancient site, hear the history of Shilo throughout the generations and see with our own eyes the ancient ruins and the place where the tabernacle stood until it was destroyed by the Philistines.

Visiting Tora Winery

On the way to Mount Gerizim we will stop at a local boutique winery, learn about the production process of wine and olive oil, and taste from the winery’s superb wines which won many prizes for their quality. We shall then go on our way feeling happy and joyful.

Mount Gerizim

We will go on the Mount of Blessing which is Mount Gerizim, the place in which Moses ordered Joshua and the People of Israel to perform the oath ceremony upon their entry to the land of Israel. We will meet the Samaritans, an ancient people who according to the bible were settled in the land of Israel by the Assyrian people who exiled the Kingdom of Israel. The Samaritans, who converted to Judaism 2700 years ago, preserve a remarkable tradition of the Israelites from the biblical period. We shall hear about this and more, from Yefet, the brother of the Samaritan community priest.

Itamar  –  optional

We shall visit the settlement of Itamar and go on Givot Olam Farm which is situated in a spectacular location. The farm specializes in organic animal and vegetable products. We will tour the farm, hear about the Jewish settlement in Samaria, and whoever is interested will be able to buy from the farm’s variety of quality products.


Mount Kabir -optional

Towards the end of the day we will climb Mount Kabir for a spectacular observation of Dotan Valley, Nablus, and Joshua’s altar in Mount Ebal. During the observation, we will be able to identify the many sites in which the biblical stories took places, such as the story of Joseph and his brothers, Yotam’s allegory, and more.

Duration: 10 Hours

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