Best Ten Sites Accessible to People with Disabilities in Israel

In Israel, there are many and varied sites which enable tourists to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the country.

In recent years, many actions were taken to allow people with disabilities, parents with baby strollers and in general anyone who finds it hard to walk the narrow nature paths, to enjoy many sites and not to give up on touring the beautiful nature of the country.

We selected for you the ten sites that you really cannot miss from among dozens of accessible sites.

For Lovers of Archaeology

  1. Tzipori – A national park with the most spectacular mosaics in Israel, among them the “Mona Lisa of Galilee”, found in an ancient city from the Roman time, as well as a synagogue full of mosaics, water reservoirs, and an Amphitheatre, among other things.
  2. Beit Shean – a site which has been preserved in an amazing way, and will give a sense of walking in the streets of a Roman city. You could also visit the theatre, the public bathhouse, and more.
  3. Caesarea – the port city of King Herod, in which the Roman “bread and circuses” culture was dominant. You could roam around between the Hippodrome, the theatre, and other monuments.
  4. Massada – the important heritage site, in which a Jewish rebel group was entrenched, and fought against the Romans, and the dryness of the desert preserved many of the findings. On top of the mountain, there are wide trails which allow enjoying the various sites – the synagogue, the public bathhouse, the storehouses, and more. Riding up to the top of the mountain is done by a cable car suitable for wheelchairs.
  5. Qumran Caves – the location of a fascinating faction – the Essenes. Furthermore, thousands of ancient scrolls were found in these caves, among them the most ancient text of the Bible – the Old Testimony.
  6. Beit Guvrin National Park – A park located in the heart of the “The Land of the Thousand Caves”, where you could see various types of caves serving many different needs. Additionally, there is an entire Amphitheatre, a fortress, and an ancient church.
  • Additional accessible archeological sites: Mearot Stream, Caesarea, Apollonia, Megiddo, Beit Alpha, Yechiam Fortress, Ashkelon National Park, Ovdat, Qumran Caves, and more…


For Nature Lovers 

  1. Agamon Hachula- a park for lovers of nature and bird-watching is located at the heart of the Hachula Valley. This is one of the most important routes of bird migration in the world, a route in which half a billion birds pass every year. Here you could have a unique experience of nature and feel it without boundaries. You could watch the animals and the unique vegetation closely by touring the park by foot, by bike, or by electric cars.
  2. Keshet Cave – an incredible observation post on the north shore of Israel, located in an opening of a large arc cave which had collapsed and left only a large stone arc. A wide and convenient path will lead you beyond the arc, where the breathtaking view of the Western Galilee will open up for you.
  3. The Stalactite Cave – the place where the beauty and fortitude of nature meet. This large and beautiful cave in Israel, reveals to visitors an amazing natural phenomenon of incredible stalactites and stalagmites in a variety of forms formed by the recreation of stone and water deep in the ground.
  4. Nature Reserve Ein Phashcha – a genuine oasis, which has abundant water sources and vegetation in the heart of the Judean Desert by the Dead Sea. It has a beautiful trail suitable for people with accessibility difficulties.


  • Additional accessible nature sites: Tel Dan, Hacarmel Park, Gamla, Yaar Baraam, Ein Afek, Karnei Chitin Geological Park, Yarkon Sources, Einot Tzukim, Park Eshkol, Ein Chemed, The Coral Reserve in Eilat, Nachal Alexander, and more…